I love watching movies. I love to experience the composition of imagery, word and music to tell a story. I love watching commercials that make me cry because they evoke a feeling of connection between me and a product.

When you imagine how you want a customer to engage with your product, do you take the time to compose their journey? Do you know the stories your customers share about their experience of your product? If you didn’t write it, then you probably don’t know the full story of how your customers interact with your brand.

I recently ended a frustrating call with a customer service representative that was not able to troubleshoot a problem I was having with auto pay for their services. Their website does not show me historical information about my auto payment settings. When I click a link to manage auto pay settings, I get the option to enter new auto payment information. I don’t see the settings already in place or the account/card being used for auto pay. Since it is not going through, I want to be able to check the source. The CSR is not able to see the problem either and is only able to offer me the option of giving her my card number over the phone. She also will not connect me with anyone that can even see the problem much less correct the problem. I have lost confidence in the entire process so I decide to stop auto pay on the website and I get errors when I click the option to stop auto pay. So, ironically, I cannot cancel a service that has not worked in at least one year since they updated their system.

I can tell this company did not think through the customer experience on this one. Even if the system worked, I would still be unable to see the history on the website like I want to and like I can on other sites. I have a story to tell about this experience and the one you just heard is one of frustration. I am certainly considering options for replacing this service, but I’m also trying to figure out how to communicate with them in a constructive manner to improve their customer service. Speaking to the CSR was of no use.

What would you do?